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Planning Your Next Camping Trip

Vacations are a great way to unwind and to experience new things.  For many people going to a hotel near a major attraction is their preferred way to spend their vacation.  Others will travel to a beach or to a nearby lake.  For those that really like to get back to nature they will consider going to the redwood forest humboldt county ca.

redwood forest humboldt county ca

The great redwood trees are amazing to see.  They tower so high into the sky that they are awe inspiring.  If this sounds like a great vacation spot, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of your vacation.

Watch the weather

Watch the weather.  When going to a forest or camping you want to go when the weather is fair.  If it is going to rain or if there is going to be another type of storm you might want to change your plans.  In the rain, you are wet, the ground is slippery, all of your stuff gets waterlogged and you really can’t enjoy anything.  Then if the sun comes out the humidity and bugs come out.  So, just watch the weather.  It will set the tone of the rest of the trip.

Stay on the trails

Don’t go wondering off and exploring too much off the trail.  The trail is setup for your protection and the protection of the wildlife.  If you wonder off you will be entering into animal territory which can be dangerous.  Also, if you go wondering off alone, the odds of being found if you are in danger is slim.  So, stay on the trail.

Bring all of your supplies

Make sure that you bring all of your supplies.  You will want to bring food, water and medical supplies.  The good all saying is that if you don’t pack it you will probably need it. So, pack it and not need it then not pack it and wish you did.

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